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10 study tips to be more productive

10 study tips to be more productive

10 study tips to be more productive

let me introduce you some major and known ideas and daily tasks you can stick with during your exams preparation in order to keep your mind fresh and productive for a long period of time.

Get your brain open and productive with top 10 practical tips

1. Good lighting can increase your productivity. An overhead light might not be enough considered a desk or floor lamp with direct light.

2. Get enough sleep, especially the night before your exam. Have regular short breaks every 50-90 minutes to help you focus better.

3. Start studying early and plan your study time in advance. Use a calendar and write down what you’re planning to do each day.

4. Use a color code to break down your topics. Use markers and post-it notes to group relevant information together. It will help you memorize everything faster.

5. Eat healthy food that fuels your brain. Food like apples, walnuts, and blueberries can improve your ability to focus, retain information and remain mentally alert.

6. Avoid any distraction. Tum off your phone and the television, and check your social media updates only during the break time.

7. Use mind maps to visualize your topics better, improve your memory and prioritize information.

8. During high-intensity study periods it is recommended to take breaks to exercise. It will make you feel more energized and refreshed.

9. Some people find that listening to music whilst studying helps them being more productive. If that’s your case, keep the volume low and play songs that you don’t find yourself singing along to!

10. Treat yourself! After taking an exam, meet a friend for coffee, go to the cinema or just take a well-deserved break before starting to study for your next assignment.

10 Golden Tips on How to prepare for your exam

Create and follow a study calendar. Think about what you study to assimilate and memorize better. Study only one subject at a time. Take a break and clear your mind from time to time. Keep a steady diet and do not stop sleeping. Organize group question and answer sessions to review among all. Solve and study all past exams which are availible about the subject you will examine about Make a summary of the most important thoughts to review the day before the exam. Keep calm at all times and trust yourself. Follow a strategy and prioritize the most significant...

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How to take notes from your textbook ( The perfect Solution)

how to take notes from your textbook ( the perfect solution)

Making notes is an essential part of studying. That is why some of your classmates have better note-taking skills than you do and that is also why their notes are in demand. 1) Read a paragraph properly Your textbooks are divided into paragraphs and as such, it becomes tedious to take notes or recall important points after reading the whole chapter. The easier way is to read one paragraph at a time and write own the most important points on your textbook. Once an entire chapter is complete, make a fair copy of those points in the form of neat and...

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7 hints to help you for better studying

7 hints to help you for better studying

From the tried-and-true methods to some out-of-the-box tactics, we've selected 7 of our favorite tips to help you hit the ground running and maintain momentum this year. Looking for that extra edge to achieve study greatness or some simple study strategies to boost your confidence as you embark on a new course? Everyone learns differently-- which means it's important you try a range of study hacks to discover what works best for you. 1. Get organized Organised chaos isn't really organized ... it's just chaos! And it generally won't support you in your quest to bring your study A-game. Physical...

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