Testbank for Working with School-Age Children ,(2nd Edition) by Marlene Anne Bumgarner

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    • Publication: 2016
    • Authors: Marlene A. Bumgarner , Mary Hoshiko Haughey
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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Where Are Our Children After School?
    Chapter 2 A View of the Field: School-Age Care and Youth Development
    Chapter 3 Developing and Ensuring Program Quality
    Chapter 4 What Does It Take to Work with School-Age Children?
    Chapter 5 Theories of Child Development
    Chapter 6 The Adult’s Role in Socialization and Development
    Chapter 7 Concerns Facing Today’s Children
    Chapter 8 Understanding and Guiding Children’s Behavior
    Chapter 9 Environments of School-Age Children
    Chapter 10 Cooperative Program Planning
    Chapter 11 A Health and Fitness Curriculum: Fighting Back Against Childhood Obesity
    Chapter 12 Engaging Children in Indoor Activities
    Chapter 13 Engaging Children in Outdoor Activities
    Chapter 14 Working with Older School-Age Children and Teens
    Chapter 15 Developing Partnerships with Families, Schools, and the Community
    Chapter 16 Administrative Issues: Licensing, Policies, and Personnel
    Appendix National Afterschool Association Code of Ethics


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