Testbank for Visualizing Human Biology (4th Edition) by Kathleen Anne Ireland

By: Kathleen A. Ireland
ISBN-10: 1118226763
/ ISBN-13: 9781118226766

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Authors: Kathleen A. Ireland
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Table of contents:

Introduction to the Study of Life 2
National Geographic videos: The Incredible Human Machine Stem Cell Research
What is Life? 2
I Wonder: Are viruses considered living organisms? 5
I Wonder: Do I need to take dietary supplements to stay healthy? Will they help me lose weight? 29
I Wonder: How can you see cells? 64
I Wonder: What is arthritis? 102
I Wonder: How do forensic scientists learn about someone’s movement from the bones? 144
I Wonder: What are the holistic benefits of physical exercise? 179
I Wonder: What happens when we learn? 210
I Wonder: What is the role of odor in emotional communication? 232
I Wonder: Could I be falsely accused based on fingerprint identification? 270
I Wonder: When I was diagnosed with mononucleosis, why was I told not to jump around? 290
I Wonder: Why do trained athletes have heart attacks? 347
I Wonder: Why are asthma rates going up? 380
I Wonder: Are E. coli bacteria hazardous to my health? 438
I Wonder: Why do they keep telling me to cut down on salt? 464
I Wonder: Can I figure out my own basal metabolic rate? 498
I Wonder: Can PMS really cause mood swings and emotional outbursts? 534
I Wonder: What causes twins, and how do they contribute to the study of genetics and human development? 556
I Wonder: Why are tortoise shell cats always female? 604
I Wonder: How did Darwin figure out his theory of evolution? 634
I Wonder: Where does all the garbage go? 697
Periodic Table 708
Measurements 709
Answers to Self Tests 711
Glossary 713
Credits 732
Index 738

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