Testbank for Veterinary Clinical Parasitology Veterinary Clinical Parasitology (8th Edition) by Anne M. Zajac

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Table of contents:

Preface vii
Acknowledgments ix
Authors xi
Chapter 1 Fecal Examination for the Diagnosis of Parasitism 3
Collection of Fecal Samples 3
Storage and Shipment of Fecal Samples 4
Fecal Exam Procedures 4
Fecal Flotation 4
Additional Procedures for Fecal Examination 12
Quality Control for Fecal Exam Procedures 15
Use of the Microscope 16
Microscope Calibration 16
Pseudoparasites and Spurious Parasites 19
Identification of Nematode Larvae Recovered with Fecal Flotation or Baermann Procedures 23
Techniques for Evaluation of Strongylid Nematodes in Grazing Animals 28
Fecal Culture 28
Identification of Ruminant and Camelid Third-Stage Larvae 29
Identification of Horse Third-Stage Larvae 30
Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test 30
Identification of Adult Worms 38
Hoyer’s Solution 39
Lactophenol 39
Parasites of Domestic Animals 39
Dogs and Cats 40
Ruminants and Camelids 88
Horses 114
Swine 128
Birds 140
Rodents and Rabbits 156
Reptiles 164
Chapter 2 Detection of Protozoan and Helminth Parasites in the Urinary, Reproductive, and Integumentary Systems and in the Eye 171
Techniques for Parasite Recovery 171
Parasites of the Urinary System 171
Parasites of the Reproductive Tract 171
Helminth Parasites of the Integumentary System 172
Urinary System Parasites 174
Reproductive System Parasites 178
Parasites of Other Systems (Excluding Arthropods) 178
Chapter 3 Detection of Parasites in the Blood 185
Immunologic Detection of Blood Parasites 185
Microscopic Examination of Blood for Protozoan Parasites 185 Giemsa Stain 186
Microscopic Examination of Blood for Nematode Parasites 187
Tests for Canine Heartworm Microfilariae in Blood Samples 188
Blood Parasites of Dogs and Cats 191
Blood Parasites of Livestock and Horses 202
Blood Parasites of Birds 208
Chapter 4 Immunodiagnostic and Molecular Diagnostic Tests in Veterinary Parasitology 213
Immunodiagnostic Methods 213
Molecular Diagnostic Methods 216
Chapter 5 Diagnosis of Arthropod Parasites 217
Subclass Acari (Mites and Ticks) 217
Mite Identification 217
Tick Identification 246
Class Insecta 264
Lice (Orders Anoplura and Mallophaga) 266
Fleas (Order Siphonaptera) 280
Flies (Order Diptera) 288
Other Insects 302
Chapter 6 Parasites of Fish 305
Techniques for Recovery of Ectoparasites 305
Skin Biopsy (Mucus Smear) 305
Fin Biopsy (Fin Snip) 306
Gill Biopsy (Gill Snip) 307
Recovery of Endoparasites 307
Parasites of Fish 308
Bibliography 325
Index 327


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