Testbank for Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis (2nd Edition) by Kyle C. Longest

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    • Publication: 2014
    • Authors: Kyle C. (Clayton) Longest
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    Table of content:

    Part I: Foundations for Working With Stata
    Chapter 1: Getting to Know Stata
    What You See
    Getting Started With Data Files
    Chapter 2: The Essentials
    Intuition and Stata Commands
    The Structure of Stata Commands
    The 5 Essential Commands
    Nonessential, Everyday Commands
    Chapter 3: Do Files and Data Management
    What Is a Do File?
    Data Management
    Part II: Quantitative Analysis With Stata
    Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistics
    Frequency Distributions
    Measures of Central Tendency and Variability
    Chapter 5: Relationships Between Nominal and Ordinal Variables
    Chapter 6: Relationships Between Different Measurement Levels
    Testing Means
    Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    Chapter 7: Relationships Between Interval-Ratio Variables
    Linear Regression
    Chapter 8: Enhancing Your Command Repertoire
    Stata Help Files
    Advanced Convenience Commands
    Expanding Stata’s Capabilities
    Appendix A: Getting to Know Stata
    Appendix B: Getting to Know Stata
    Chapter Exercise Solutions
    “How To” Index


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