Testbank for The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America: Second Edition (3rd Edition)

By: Cornell Laboratory
ISBN-10: 1118291050
/ ISBN-13: 9781118291054

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Authors: Cornell Laboratory
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Table of contents:

Editorial Team and Contributors vii
Preface ix
Bird Academy Web Resources xiii
1 Why Study Birds? 1
Irby J. Lovette and John W. Fitzpatrick
2 Avian Diversity and Classification 7
Irby J. Lovette
3 How Birds Evolve 63
Irby J. Lovette
4 Feathers and Plumages 101
Kimberly Bostwick
5 Avian Flight 149
Bret W. Tobalske
6 Avian Anatomy 169
Howard E. Evans
7 Bird Physiology 215
Scott McWilliams, Elizabeth Adkins‐Regan, and Carol Vleck
8 Avian Food and Foraging 265
Thomas W. Sherry
9 Avian Mating and Social Behavior 313
John Alcock
10 Avian Vocal Behavior 355
Bruce E. Byers and Donald E. Kroodsma
11 Breeding Biology of Birds 407
David W. Winkler
12 Avian Migration and Dispersal 453
David W. Winkler, Judy Shamoun‐Baranes, and Theunis Piersma
13 Ecology of Bird Populations 495
Walter D. Koenig
14 Bird Communities 537
Russell S. Greenberg
15 Bird Conservation 579
John W. Fitzpatrick and Amanda D. Rodewald
Glossary 641
Index 657

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