Testbank for The Human Species: An Introduction to Biological Anthropology, 9th Edition by John H. Relethford

By: John H. Relethford
ISBN-10: 78034981
/ ISBN-13: 9780078034985

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Authors: John H. Relethford
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Table of content:

PART I Evolutionary Background1 Science and Evolution2 Human Genetics3 The Forces of Evolution4 The Evolution and Classification of Species
PART II Our Place in Nature5 The Primates6 Primate Behavior and Ecology7 The Human Species
PART III Our Origins8 The Fossil Record9 Primate Origins and Evolution10 The First Hominins11 The Origin of the Genus Homo12 The Evolution of Archaic Humans13 The Origin of Modern Humans
PART IV Our Diversity14 Race and Human Variation15 Recent Human Evolution16 Human Biocultural Adaptation17 The Biological Impact of Agriculture and Civilization

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