Testbank for The Earth System (3rd Edition) by Lee R. Kump

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    • Publication: 2009
    • Authors: Lee R. Kump , James F. Kasting , Robert G. Crane
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    Table of content:

    1. Global Change
    2. Daisyworld: An Introduction to Systems
    3. Global Energy Balance: The Greenhouse Effect
    4. The Atmospheric Circulation System
    5. The Circulation of the Oceans
    6. The Cryosphere
    7. Circulation of the Solid Earth: Plate Tectonics
    8. Recycling of the Elements
    9. Focus on the Biota: Metabolism, Ecosystems and Biodiversity
    10. Origin of the Earth and of Life
    11. Effect of Life on the Atmosphere: The Rise of Oxygen and Ozone
    12. Long-Term Climate Regulation.
    13. Biodiversity Through Earth History.
    14. Pleistocene Glaciations.
    15. Global Warming, Part 1: The Scientific Evidence.
    16. Global Warming, Part 2: Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation
    17. Ozone Depletion.
    18. Human Threats to Biodiversity.
    19. Climate Stability on Earth and Earth-Like Planets.
    Appendix A: Units and Unit Conversions.
    Appendix B: Temperature Conversions.
    Appendix C: Periodic Table.
    Appendix D: Useful Facts.


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