Testbank for The American South: A History (Volume 2) (4th Edition) by Thomas E. Terrill

By: William J. Cooper Jr., Thomas E. Terrill
ISBN-10: 742560988
/ ISBN-13: 9780742560987

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Authors: William J. Cooper Jr., Thomas E. Terrill
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Table of content:

Prologue: The Enduring South
Map Essay: The Geography of the Civil War
Chapter 15: The Confederate Experience
Chapter 16: After the War
Chapter 17: Economic Reconstruction, 1865-1880
Chapter 18: The Redeemers and the New South, 1865-1890
Chapter 19: A Different South Emerges: Rails, Mills, and Towns
Chapter 20: The South and the Crisis of the 1890s
Chapter 21: Jim Crow: Black and White South
Chapter 22: Southern Progressives
Chapter 23: Restoration and Exile, 1912-1929
Chapter 24: Religion and Culture in the New South
Map Essay: The Changing South: People and Cotton
Chapter 25: The Emergence of the Modern South, 1930-1945
Chapter 26: The End of Jim Crow: The Civil Rights Revolution
Chapter 27: The Modern South
Chapter 28: The Sunbelt South: No Eden in Dixie
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