Testbank for System Dynamics (4th Edition) by Katsuhiko Ogata

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    • Publication: 2003
    • Authors: Katsuhiko Ogata
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    Table of content:

    1. Introduction to System Dynamics.
    2. The Laplace Transform.
    3. Mechanical Systems.
    4. Transfer-Function Approach to Modeling Dynamic Systems.
    5. State-Space Approach to Modeling Dynamic Systems.
    6. Electrical Systems and Electromechanical Systems.
    7. Fluid Systems and Thermal Systems.
    8. Time-Domain Analyses of Dynamic Systems.
    9. Frequency-Domain Analyses of Dynamic Systems.
    10. Time-Domain Analyses of Control Systems.
    11. Frequency-Domain Analyses and the Design of Control Systems.
    Appendix A. Systems of Units.
    Appendix B. Conversion Tables.
    Appendix C. Vector-Matrix Algebra.
    Appendix D. Introduction to MATLAB.


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