Testbank for Strengthening Family Resilience, Third Edition (3rd Edition) by Froma Walsh

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    • Publication: 2015
    • Authors: Froma Walsh PhD MSW
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    Table of content:

    I. Overview
    1. Foundations of a Family Resilience Approach
    2. Family Diversity and Complexity in a Changing World: Varied Challenges and Pathways in Resilience
    II. Key Family Processes in Resilience
    3. Belief Systems: The Heart and Soul of Resilience
    4. Organizational Processes: Relational and Structural Supports
    5. Communication Processes: Facilitating Meaning Making, Mutual Support, and Problem Solving
    III. Practice Applications
    6. Assessing Family Resilience: Useful Maps for Practice and Research
    7. Practice Principles and Guidelines to Strengthen Family Resilience
    8. Applying a Family Resilience Framework in Community-Based Services
    IV. Facilitating Family Resilience through Crisis, Transition, and Persistent Challenges
    9. Challenges and Resilience over the Family Life Cycle: A Developmental Systems Perspective
    10. Loss, Recovery, and Resilience
    11. Traumatic Loss and Collective Trauma: Strengthening Family and Community Resilience
    12. Serious Illness and Disabilities: Family Challenges and Resilience
    13. Nurturing Resilience in Vulnerable, Multi-Stressed Families
    14. Reconnection and Reconciliation: Healing Relational Wounds
    Appendix I. Walsh Family Resilience Questionnaire
    Appendix II. Developing Resilience-Based Genograms: Outline and Sample Questions
    Appendix III. Exploring the Spiritual Dimension in Family Life: Sources of Distress and Resources for Well-Being, Healing, and Resilience


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