Testbank for Sport Psychology: Concepts and Applications (B&B Physical Education) (7th Edition)

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    Table of content:

    PART I. Understanding Sport Psychology
    1 Foundations of Sport Psychology
    2 Personality as a Core Characteristic of the Athlete
    PART II. Motivation in Sport and Exercise
    3 Self-Confidence and Intrinsic Motivation
    4 Goal Perspective Theory
    5 Youth Sports
    PART III. Effects of Attention, Emotion, and Mood on Performance
    6 Attention and Concentration in Sport and Exercise
    7 Anxiety, Stress, and Mood Relationships
    8 Alternatives to Inverted-U Theory
    PART IV. Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions
    9 Coping and Intervention Strategies in Sport
    10 Goal Setting in Sport
    11 Imagery and Hypnosis in Sport
    12 Psychological Skills Training
    PART V. Social Psychology of Sport
    13 Aggression and Violence in Sport
    14 Audience and Self-Presentation Effects in Sport
    15 Team Cohesion in Sport
    16 Leadership and Communication in Sport
    PART VI. Psychobiology of Sport and Exercise
    17 Exercise Psychology
    18 The Psychology of Athletic Injuries and Career Termination
    19 Drug Abuse in Sport and Exercise


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