Testbank for Society and Technological Change (7th Edition) by University Rudi Volti

By: Rudi Volti
ISBN-10: 1429278978
/ ISBN-13: 9781429278973

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Authors: Rudi Volti
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Table of contents:

Part 1 Defining Technology
1. The Nature of Technology
2. Winners and Losers: The Differential Effects of Technological Change

Part Two The Process of Technological Change
3. The Sources of Technological Change
4. Scientific Knowledge and Technological Advance
5. The Diffusion of Technology

Part Three How Technology Affects the Health of the Earth and Its Inhabitants
6. Technology, Energy, and the Environment
7. Medical Technologies
8. Genetic Technologies

Part Four Technology and the Transformation of Work
9. Work in Nonindustrial Societies
10. Technology and Jobs: More of One and Less of the Other?
11. Technological Change and Life on the Job

Part Five Communication
12. Printing
13. The Electronic Media: From the Telegraph to Television
14. The Internet Age

Part Six The Tools of Destruction
15. Weapons and Their Consequences
16. The Era of Smart Weapons*
17. How New Weapons Emerge—And How They May Be Contained

Part Seven The Shaping and Control of Technology
18. Technology and Its Creators: Who’s in Charge of Whom?
19. Organizations and Technological Change
20. Governing Technology

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