Testbank for Selling Today: Partnering to Create Value (13th Edition) by Gerald L. Manning

By: Barry Reece , Gerald L. Manning , Michael Ahearne
ISBN-10: 133543382
/ ISBN-13: 9780133543384

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Authors: Barry Reece , Gerald L. Manning , Michael Ahearne
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Table of content:

Preface xix
Acknowledgments xxvii
About the Authors xxxi
PART 1 Developing a Personal Selling Philosophy 3
Chapter 1 Relationship Selling Opportunities in the Information
Economy 4
Chapter 2 Evolution of Selling Models That Complement the Marketing
Concept 29
PART 2 Developing a Relationship Strategy 47
Chapter 3 Ethics: The Foundation for Partnering Relationships That Create
Value 48
Chapter 4 Creating Value with a Relationship Strategy 71
Chapter 5 Communication Styles: A Key to Adaptive Selling Today 89
PART 3 Developing a Product Strategy 113
Chapter 6 Creating Product Solutions 114
Chapter 7 Product-Selling Strategies That Add Value 132
PART 4 Developing a Customer Strategy 151
Chapter 8 The Buying Process and Buyer Behavior 152
Chapter 9 Developing and Qualifying Prospects and Accounts 172
PART 5 Developing a Presentation Strategy 199
Chapter 10 Approaching the Customer with Adaptive Selling 200
Chapter 11 Determining Customer Needs with a Consultative Questioning
Strategy 223
Chapter 12 Creating Value with the Consultative Presentation 247
Chapter 13 Negotiating Buyer Concerns 271
Chapter 14 Adapting the Close and Confirming the Partnership 293
Chapter 15 Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership 311
PART 6 Management of Self and Others 331
Chapter 16 Opportunity Management: The Key to Greater Sales
Productivity 332
Chapter 17 Management of the Sales Force 350
Appendix 1 Selling Today: Partnering to Create Value–Training Videos 369
Appendix 2 Regional Accounts Management Case Study 393
Appendix 3 Partnership Selling: A Role-Play/Simulation for Selling Today 417
Endnotes 485
Glossary 503
Name Index 509
Subject Index 513

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