Testbank for Research Methods: Concepts and Connections (1st Edition) by Michael W. Passer

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    Table of contents:

    Part I Foundations
    Chapter 1 Science and Psychology
    Chapter 2 Conducting Psychological Research
    Chapter 3 Conducting Ethical Research
    Chapter 4 Defi ning and Measuring Variables

    Part II Descriptive Research
    Chapter 5 Correlation and Correlational Research
    Chapter 6 Case Studies and Observational Research
    Chapter 7 Survey Research

    Part III Experiments: Core Designs
    Chapter 8 Single-Factor Experimental Designs
    Chapter 9 Factorial Designs
    Chapter 10 Experimentation and Validity

    Part IV Experiments: Specialized Designs
    Chapter 11 Quasi-Experimental Designs
    Chapter 12 Single-Case Experimental Designs

    Part V Analyzing and Communicating the Results
    Statistics Modules

    Appendix A Communicating Research Results
    Appendix B American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
    Appendix C Statistical Tables
    Appendix D Answers to Concept Check and Thinking Critically Questions


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