Testbank for Religions of Asia Today (1st Edition) by John L. Esposito

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    • Publication: 2008
    • Authors: John L. Esposito, Darrell J. Fasching, Todd Lewis
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    Table of content:

    1. Introduction
    Globalization: World Religions in Everyone’s Hometown
    Understanding Religious Experience and Its Expressions
    The Great Transition: From Tribal Life to Urban Life and the Emergence of World Religions
    The Great Religious Stories of the World
    Modernization in Global Perspective
    Modern Colonialism, the Socialist Challenge, and the End of Modernity
    Postmodern Trends in a Postcolonial World
    Conclusion: We Are All Heretics in the Postmodern Situation
    2. Indigenous Religions
    I. Origins of Homo Religiosus: Prehistory
    II. Indigenous Religious Traditions: Soul Belief and Afterlife
    III. Indigenous Religions Today
    3. Hinduism
    Encountering Modernity: Hindu Challenges to India as a Secular State
    Premodern Hinduism: The Formative Era
    Premodern Hinduism: The Classical Era (180 BCE-900 CE)
    Premodern Hinduism: The Postclassical Era (900 CE-1500 CE)
    Hinduism and Modernity
    Hinduism and Postmodern Trends in a Postcolonial World
    Hindu Festival Practice
    The Religious Institutions of Contemporary Hinduism
    4. Buddhism: Ways to Nirvana
    Encounter with Modernity: Socially Engaged Buddhism
    Premodern Buddhism: The Formative Era
    Premodern Buddhism: The Classical Era
    The Core Doctrines
    Premodern Buddhism: Buddhist Expansion
    Buddhism and Postmodern Trends in a Postcolonial World
    5. East Asian Religions: Traditions of Human Cultivation and Natural Harmony
    Encounter with Modernity: Postcolonial Confucian
    East Asian Religions in the Premodern Era
    East Asian Religions in the Early Modern Era
    East Asian Religions and Postmodern Trends in a Postcolonial World
    6. Islam in Asia
    The Dawn of Islam in Asia
    The Islamic Tradition
    The Challenge of European Colonialism
    7. Globalization: From New to New Age Religions
    New Religions
    New Age Religions
    Religious Postmodernism and Global Ethics, Glossary
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