Testbank for Public Finance and Public Policy (4th Edition) by Jonathan Gruber

By: Jonathan Gruber
ISBN-10: 1429278455
/ ISBN-13: 9781429278454

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Authors: Jonathan Gruber
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Table of contents:

Part I. Background
1. Why Study Public Finance?
2. Theoretical Tools of Public Finance
3. Empirical Tools of Public Finance
4. Budget Analysis and Deficit Financing

Part II. Externalities and Public Goods
5. Externalities: Problems and Solutions
6. Externalities in Action: Environmental and Health Externalities
7. Public Goods: Problems and Solutions
8. Cost/Benefit Analysis
9. Implementing Public Goods: Political Economy and Public Choice
10. State and Local Government Expenditures
11. Public Goods in Action: Education

Part III. Social Insurance and Redistribution
12. Social Insurance
13. Social Security
14. Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and Disability Insurance
15. Health Insurance I: Health Economics and Private Health Insurance
16. Health Insurance II: Medicare and Medicaid
17. Income Distribution and Welfare

Part V. Taxation in Theory and Practice
18. Taxation in the U.S. and Around the World
19. The Equity Implications of Taxation—Tax Incidence
20. Tax Inefficiencies and Their Implications for Optimal Taxation
21. Taxes on Labor Supply
22. Taxation of Savings
23. Taxes on Risk Taking and Wealth
24. Issues of Corporate Taxation
24. Issues of Corporate Taxation

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