Testbank for Public and Private Families: An Introduction , 8th Edition

By: Andrew Cherlin
ISBN-10: 0078027152
/ ISBN-13: 9780078027154

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Authors: Andrew Cherlin
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Table of Contents

Part One Introduction
1 Public and Private Families
2 The History of the Family
Part Two Gender, Class, and Race-Ethnicity
3 Gender and Families
4 Social Class and Families
5 Race, Ethnicity, and Families
Part Three Sexuality, Partnership, and Marriage
6 Sexualities
7 Cohabitation and Marriage
8 Work and Families
Part Four Links across the Generations
9 Children and Parents
10 Older People and Their Families
Part Five Conflict, Disruption, and Reconstitution
11 Domestic Violence
12 Union Dissolution and Repartnering
Part Six Family, Society, and World
13 International Family Change
14 The Family, the State, and Social Policy


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