Testbank for Psychology with DSM-5 Update, 11/E

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    • Publication: 2014
    • Authors: Carole Wade , Carol Tavris , Maryanne Garry
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    Table of Contents

    Brief Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: What is Psychology?
    Part One: Your Self
    Chapter 2: Theories of Personality
    Chapter 3: Development Over the Life Span
    Part Two: Your Body
    Chapter 4: Neurons, Hormones, and the Brain
    Chapter 5: Body Rhythms and Mental States
    Chapter 6: Sensation and Perception
    Part Three: Your Mind
    Chapter 7: Thinking and Intelligence
    Chapter 8: Memory
    Part Four: Your Environment
    Chapter 9: Learning and Conditioning
    Chapter 10: Behavior in Social and Cultural Context
    Part Five: Your Mental Health
    Chapter 11: Psychological Disorders
    Chapter 12: Approaches to Treatment and Therapy
    Part Six: Your Life
    Chapter 13: Emotion, Stress, and Health
    Chapter 14: The Major Motives of Life: Food, Love, Sex, and Work


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