Testbank for Principles of Risk Management and Insurance: (13th Edition) by George E. Rejda

By: George E. Rejda , Michael McNamara
ISBN-10: 134082575
/ ISBN-13: 9780134082578

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Authors: George E. Rejda , Michael McNamara
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Table of Contents

1. Risk and its Treatment
2. Insurance and Risk
3. Introduction to Risk Management
4. Enterprise Risk Management and Related Topics
5. Types of Insurers and Marketing Systems
6. Insurance Company Operations
7. Financial Operations of Insurers
8. Government Regulation of Insurance
9. Fundamental Legal Principles
10. Analysis of Insurance Contracts
11. Life Insurance
12. Life Insurance Contractual Provisions
13. Buying Life Insurance
14. Annuities and Individual Retirement Accounts
15. Healthcare Reform: Individual Health Insurance Coverages
16. Employee Benefits: Group Life and Health Insurance
17. Employee Benefits: Retirement Plans
18. Social Insurance
19. The Liability Risk
20. Auto Insurance
21. Auto Insurance, Part II
22. Homeowners Insurance, Section I
23. Homeowners Insurance, Section II
24. Other Property and Liability Insurance Coverages
25. Commercial Property Insurance
26. Commercial Liability Insurance
27. Crime Insurance and Surety Bonds


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