Testbank for Principles of Genetics, 7th Edition by D. Peter Snustad

By: D. Peter Snustad , Michael J. Simmons
ISBN-10: 1119142288
/ ISBN-13: 9781119142287

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Authors: D. Peter Snustad , Michael J. Simmons
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1 The Science of Genetics 1
An Invitation 2
Three Great Milestones in Genetics 2
DNA as the Genetic Material 6
Genetics and Evolution 10
Levels of Genetic Analysis 11
Genetics in the World: Applications of Genetics to Human Endeavors 12
Chapter 2 Cellular Reproduction 18
Cells and Chromosomes 19
Mitosis 24
Meiosis 27
Life Cycles of Some Model Genetic Organisms 32
Chapter 3 Mendelism: The Basic Principles of Inheritance 40
Mendel’s Study of Heredity 41
Applications of Mendel’s Principles 46
Testing Genetic Hypotheses 48
Mendelian Principles in Human Genetics 52
Chapter 4 Extensions of Mendelism 62
Allelic Variation and Gene Function 63
Gene Action: From Genotype to Phenotype 69
Inbreeding: Another Look at Pedigrees 76
Chapter 5 The Chromosomal Basis of Mendelism 88
Chromosomes 89
The Chromosome Theory of Heredity 91
Sex-Linked Genes in Humans 97
Sex Chromosomes and Sex Determination 99
Dosage Compensation of X-Linked Genes 103
Chapter 6 Variation in Chromosome Number and Structure 109
Cytological Techniques 110
Polyploidy 114
Aneuploidy 118
Rearrangements of Chromosome Struction 124
Chapter 7 Linkage, Crossing Over, and Chromosome Mapping in Eukaryotes 133
Linkage, Recombination, and Crossing Over 134
Chromosome Mapping 139
Cytogenetic Mapping 146
Linkage Analysis in Humans 148
Recombination and Evolution 151
Chapter 8 The Genetics of Bacteria and Their Viruses 161
Viruses and Bacteria in Genetics 162
The Genetics of Viruses 163
The Genetics of Bacteria 167
Mechanisms of Genetic Exchange in Bacteria 170
Chapter 9 DNA and the Molecular Structure of Chromosomes 189
Proof That Genetic Information Is Stored in DNA and RNA 190
The Structures of DNA and RNA 194
Chromosomes Structure in Viruses and Prokaryotes 201
Chromosomes Structure in Eukaryotes 203
Special Features of Eukaryotic Chromsomes 208
Chapter 10 Replication of DNA ad Chromosomes 217
Basic Features of DNA Replication In Vivo 218
DNA Replication of Prokaryotes 228
Unique Aspects of Eukaryotic Chromosomes Replication 241
Chapter 11 Transcription and RNA Processing 252
Transfer of Genetic Information: The Central Dogma 253
The Process of Gene Expression 255
Transcription in Prokaryotes 259
Transcription and RNA Processing in Eykaryotes 263
Interrupted Genes in Eykaryotes: Exons and Introns 269
Removal of Intron Sequences by RNA Splicing 272
Chapter 12 Translation and the Genetic Code 280
Protein Structure 281
Genes Encode Polypeptides 284
The Compounds of Polypeptide Synthesis 289
The Process of Polypeptide Synthesis 294
The Genetic Code 302
Codon-tRNA Interactions 306
Chapter 13 Mutation, DNA Repair, and Recombination 313
Mutation 314
Teh Molecular Basis of Mutation 317
Mutagenesis 320
DNA Repair Mechanisms 333
DNA Recombination Mechanisms 338
Chapter 14 The Techniques of Molecular Gentics 350
Basic Techniques Used to Identify, Amplify, and Clone Genes 351
Construction and Screening of DNA Libraries 360
The Molecular Analysis of DNA, RNA, and Protein 364
The Molecular Anaysis of Genes and Chromosomes 368
Chapter 15 Genomics 379
Genomics: An Overview 380
Correlated Genetic, Cytological, and Physical Maps of Chromosomes 382
The Human Genome Project 387
RNA and Protein Assays of Genome Functions 397
Genome Diversity and Evolution 401
Chapter 16 Applications of Molecular Genetics 417
Use of Recombinant DNA Technology to Identify Human Genes and Diagnose Genetic Disease 418
Human Gene Therapy 426
DNA Profiling 431
Production of Eukaryotic Proteins in Bacteria 437
Transgenic Animals and Plants 439
Reverse Genetics: Dissecting Biological Processes by Inhibiting Gene Expression 442
Genome Engineering 448
Chapter 17 Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes 459
Strategies fir Regulating Genes in Prokaryotes 460
Constitutive, Inducible, and Repressible Gene Expression 461
Positive and Negative Control of Gene Expression 464
The Lactose Operon in E. coli: Induction and Catabolite Repression 466
The Tryptophan Operon in E. coli: Repression and Attenuation 474
Posttranscriptional Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes 479
Chapter 18 Regulation of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes 484
Ways of Regulating Eukaryotic Gene Expression: An Overview 485
Induction of Transcriptional Activity by Environmental and Biological Factors 487
Molecular Control of Transcription in Eukaryotes 490
Posttranscriptional Regulation of Gene Expression by RNA Interference 494
Gene Expression and Chromatin Organization 497
Activation and Inactivation of Whole Chromosomes 503
Chapter 19 Inheritance of Complex Traits 511
Complex Traits 512
Statistics of Quantitative Genetics 515
Statistical Analysis of Quantitative Traits 517
Molecular Analysis of Complex Traits 523
Correlations between Relatives 531
Quantitative Genetics of Human Behavioral Traits 535
Chapter 20 Population Genetics 541
The Theory of Allele Frequencies 542
Natural Selection 548
Random Genetic Drift 552
Populations in Genetic Equilibrium 554
Chapter 21 (Online)Transposable Genetic Elements WC-1
Chapter 22 (Online) The Genetic Control of Animal Development WC-28
Chapter 23 (Online) The Genetic Basis of Cancer WC-51
Chapter 24 (Online) Evolutionary Genetics WC-76
Appendices (Online)
Appendix A: The Rules of Probability WA-1
Appendix B: Binomial Probabilities WA-3
Appendix C: Evolutionary Rates WA-5

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