Testbank for Physics: Concepts and Connections (5th Edition) by Art Hobson

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    • Publication: 2009
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    Table of content:

    Part 1: Prelude: Of Stars and Atoms
    Ch 1: The Way of Science: Experience and Reason
    Ch 2: Atoms: The Nature of Things

    Part 2: The Newtonian Universe: A Clockwork Kingdom
    Ch 3: How Things Move: Galileo Asks the Right Questions
    Ch 4: Why Things Move as They Do
    Ch 5: Newton’s Universe

    Part 3: Transition to the New Physics
    Ch 6: Conservation of Energy: You Can’t Get Ahead
    Ch 7: Second Law of Thermodynamics: and you Can’t Even Break Even
    Ch 8: Light and Electromagnetism
    Ch 9: Electromagnetism Radiation and Global Climate Change

    Part 4: The Post-Newtonian Universe: The Observer Intrudes
    Ch 10: The Special Theory of Relativity
    Ch 11: The General Theory of Relativity and the New Cosmology
    Ch 12: The Quantum Idea
    Ch 13: The Quantum Universe

    Part 5: Within the Atom: Fire of the Nucleus, Fire of the Sun
    Ch 14: The Nucleus and Radioactivity: An New Force
    Ch 15: Fusion and Fission: and a New Energy
    Ch 16: The Energy Challenge
    Ch 17: Quantum Fields: Relativity Meets the Quantum


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