Testbank for Mott: Applied Fluid Mechanics (7th Edition) by Robert L. Mott

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Table of content:

1. The Nature of Fluids and the Study of Fluid Mechanics
2. Viscosity of Fluids
3. Pressure Measurement
4. Forces Due to Static Fluids
5. Buoyancy and Stability
6. Flow of Fluids and Bernoulli’s Equation
7. General Energy Equation
8. Reynolds Number, Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow, and Energy Losses Due to Friction
9. Velocity Profiles for Circular Sections and Flow in Noncircular Sections
10. Minor Losses
11. Parallel and Branching Pipeline Systems
12. Pump Selection and Application
13. Open-Channel Flow
14. Flow Measurement
15. Forces Due to Fluids in Motion
16. Drag and Lift
17. Fans, Blowers, Compressors, and the Flow of Gases
18. Flow of Air in Ducts

A. Properties of Water
B. Properties of Common Liquids
C. Typical Properties of Petroleum Lubricating Oils
D. Variation of Viscosity with Temperature
E. Properties of Air
F. Dimensions of Steel Pipe
G. Dimensions of Steel Tubing
H. Dimensions of Type K Copper Tubing
I. Dimensions of Ductile Iron Pipe
J. Areas of Circles
K. Conversion Factors
L. Properties of Areas
M. Properties of Solids
N. Gas Constant, Adiabatic Exponent, and Critical Pressure Ratio for Selected Gases

Answers to Selected Problems


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