Testbank for Market-Based Management (6th Edition) by Roger J. Best

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    • Publication: 2012
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    Table of content:

    Part I: Market Orientation and Marketing Performance
    Chapter 1: Customer Focus, Customer Performance and Profit Impact
    Chapter 2: Marketing Metrics and Marketing Profitability
    Part II: Market Analysis
    Chapter 3: Market Potential, Market Demand, and Market Share
    Chapter 4: The Customer Experience and Value Creation
    Chapter 5: Market Segmentation and Segmentation Strategies
    Chapter 6: Competitive Position and Sources of Advantage
    Part III: Marketing Mix Strategies
    Chapter 7: Product Positioning, Branding, and Product Line Strategies
    Chapter 8: Value-Based Pricing and Pricing Strategies
    Chapter 9: Marketing Channels and Channel Mapping
    Chapter 10: Marketing Communications, Social Media, and Customer RESPONSE
    Part IV: Strategic Marketing
    Chapter 11: Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Market Planning
    Chapter 12: Strategic Offensive Strategies
    Chapter 13: Strategic Defensive Strategies
    Part V: Marketing Plans and Performance
    Chapter 14: Building a Marketing Plan
    Chapter 15: Marketing Metrics, Performance, and Strategy Implementation
    Chapter 16: Market-Based Management and Financial Performance


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