Testbank for Linear Algebra: A Geometric Approach (2nd Edition) by University Malcolm Adams

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    • Publication: 2010
    • Authors: Ted Shifrin , Malcolm Adams
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    Table of content:

    Foreword to the Instructor
    Foreword to the Student Chapter 1. Vectors and Matrices
    1. Vectors
    2. Dot Product
    3. Hyperplanes in Rn
    4. Systems of Linear Equations and Gaussian Elimination
    5. The Theory of Linear Systems
    6. Some Applications Chapter 2. Matrix Algebra
    1. Matrix Operations
    2. Linear Transformations: An Introduction
    3. Inverse Matrices
    4. Elementary Matrices: Rows get Equal Time
    5. The Transpose Chapter 3. Vector Spaces
    1. Subspaces of Rn2. The Four Fundamental Subspaces
    3. Linear Independence and Basis
    4. Dimension and Its Consequences
    5. A Graphic Example
    6. Abstract Vector Spaces Chapter 4. Projections and Linear Transformations
    1. Inconsistent Systems and Projection
    2. Orthogonal Bases
    3. The Matrix of a Linear Transformation and the Change-of-Basis Formula
    4. Linear Transformations on Abstract Vector Spaces Chapter 5. Determinants
    1. Properties of Determinants
    2. Cofactors and Cramers Rule
    3. Signed Area in R2 and Signed Volume in R2 Chapter 6. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
    1. The Characteristic Polynomial
    2. Diagonalizability
    3. Applications
    4. The Spectral Theorem Chapter 7. Further Topics
    1. Complex Eigenvalues and Jordan Canonical Form
    2. Computer Graphics and Geometry
    3. Matrix Exponentials and Differential Equations For Further Reading
    Answers to Selected Exercises
    List of Blue Boxes


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