Testbank for Life in the Universe (4th Edition) by Jeffrey O. Bennett

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    • Publication: 2016
    • Authors: Jeffrey O. Bennett , Seth Shostak
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    Table of content:

    1 A Universe of Life?
    2 The Science of Life in the Universe
    3 The Universal Context of Life
    4 The Habitability of Earth
    5 The Nature of Life on Earth
    6 The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth
    7 Searching for Life in Our Solar System
    8 Mars
    9 Life on Jovian Moons
    10 The Nature and Evolution of Habitability
    11 Extrasolar Planets: Their Nature and Potential Habitability
    12 The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
    13 Interstellar Travel and the Fermi Paradox
    Epilogue: Contact – Implications for the Search and Discovery


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