Testbank for Lecture,Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, (3rd Edition) by Edward E. Prather

By: Edward E. Prather , Slater Timothy F , Jeff P. Adams , Gina Brissenden
ISBN-10: 321820460
/ ISBN-13: 9780321820464

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Authors: Edward E. Prather , Slater Timothy F , Jeff P. Adams , Gina Brissenden
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Table of content:

The Night Sky
Seasonal Stars
Solar vs. Sidereal Day
Star Charts
Fundamentals of Astronomy
Kepler’s Second Law
Kepler’s Third Law
Newton’s Laws and Gravity
Apparent and Absolute Magnitudes of Stars
The Parsec
Parallax and Distance
Spectroscopic Parallax
Nature of Light in Astronomy
Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum of Light
Telescopes and Earth’s Atmosphere
Luminosity, Temperature, and Size
Blackbody Radiation
Types of Spectra
Light and Atoms
Analyzing Spectra
Doppler Shift
Our Solar System
The Cause of Moon Phases
Predicting Moon Phases
Path of the Sun
Observing Retrograde Motion
Earth’s Changing Surface
Greenhouse Effect
Temperature and Formation of Our Solar System
Sun Size
Stars, Galaxies, and Beyond
H-R Diagram
Star Formation and Lifetimes
Binary Stars
Motion of Extrasolar Planets
Stellar Evolution
Milky Way Scales
Galaxy Classification
Dark Matter
Looking at Distant Objects
Making Sense of the Universe and Expansion
Hubble’s Law
Expansion of the Universe
Expansion, Lookback Times, and Distances
The Big Bang

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