Testbank for Introduction to Mathematical Statistics: Pearson New International Edition (7th Edition) by Robert V. Hogg

By: Joeseph McKean, Allen T Craig Robert V. Hogg
ISBN-10: 1292024992
/ ISBN-13: 9781292024998

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Joeseph McKean, Allen T Craig Robert V. Hogg
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Table of content:

1. Probability and Distributions.
2. Multivariate Distributions.
3. Some Special Distributions.
4. Some Elementary Statistical Inferences
5. Consistency and Limiting Distributions
6. Maximum Likelihood Methods.
7. Sufficiency.
8. Optimal Tests of Hypotheses.
9. Inferences about Normal Models.
10. Nonparametric and Robust Statistics.
Appendix A. Mathematical Comments
Appendix B. R-Functions.
Appendix C. Tables of Distributions
Appendix D. List of Common Distributions

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