Testbank for Introduction to Audiology,(13th Edition) by John Greer Clark

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    • Publication: 2018
    • Authors: Frederick N. Martin , John Greer Clark
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    Table of Contents

    Part I: Elements of Audiology
    1. The Profession of Audiology
    2. Sound and Its Measurement
    Part II: Hearing Assessment
    3. The Human Ear, Hearing Loss, and Pure-Tone Hearing Tests
    4. Speech Audiometry
    5. Masking
    6. Physiological Tests of the Auditory System
    7. Pediatric Hearing Loss Identification and Assessment
    Part III: Hearing Disorders
    8. The Outer Ear
    9. The Middle Ear
    10. The Inner Ear
    11. The Auditory Nerve and Central Auditory Pathways
    12. Nonorganic Hearing Loss
    Part IV: Audiological Management
    13. Beyond Hearing: Management of Balance Disorders, Tinnitus, and Decreased Sound Tolerance
    14. Amplification/Sensory Systems
    15. Patient Management


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