Testbank for International Business: A Managerial Perspective (8th Edition) by Ricky W. Griffin

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    • Publication: 2014
    • Authors: Ricky W. Griffin , Mike W. Pustay
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    Table of content:

    I. The World’s Marketplaces
    1. An Overview of International Business
    2. Global Marketplaces and Business Centers
    3. Legal, Technological, Accounting, and Political Environments
    4. The Role of Culture
    5. Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business

    II. The International Environment
    6. International Trade and Investment
    7. The International Monetary System and the Balance of Payments
    8. Foreign Exchange and International Financial Markets
    9. Formulation of National Trade Policies
    10. International Cooperation Among Nations

    III. Managing International Business
    11. International Strategic Management
    12. Strategies for Analyzing and Entering Foreign Markets
    13. International Strategic Alliances
    14. International Organization Design and Control
    15. Leadership and Employee Behavior in International Business

    IV. Managing International Business Operations
    16. International Marketing
    17. International Operations Management
    18. International Financial Management
    19. International Human Resource Management and Labor Relations


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