Testbank for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Nursing (3rd Edition) by American Nurses

By: American Nurses Association (Corporate)
ISBN-10: 1558106197
/ ISBN-13: 9781558106192

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Authors: American Nurses Association (Corporate)
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Table of content:

Scope of Nursing Practice
Definition of Nursing
Professional Nursing’s Scope and Standards of Practice
Description of the Scope of Nursing Practice
Development and Function of the Standards of Professional Nursing Practice
Standards of Practice
Standards of Professional Performance
The Function of Competencies in Standards
Integrating the Art and Science of Nursing
The What and How of Nursing
What Is Nursing?
Tenets Characteristic of Nursing Practice
The How of Nursing
The Art of Nursing
The Science of Nursing
When Nursing Occurs
Nursing Knowledge, Research, and Evidencebased Practice
The Where of Nursing Practice
Healthy Work Environments for Nursing Practice
Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM)
Fatigue in Nursing Practice
Workplace Violence and Incivility
Optimal Staffing
Supports for Healthy Work Environments
High-Performing Interprofessional Teams
Key Influences on the Quality and
Environment of Nursing Practice
Societal, Cultural, and Ethical Dimensions Describe the Why and How of Nursing
Model of Professional Practice Regulation
The Code of Ethics for Nurses
Specialty Practice in Nursing
Professional Registered Nurses Today: The Who of Nursing
Statistical Snapshot
Licensure and Education of Registered Nurses
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Roles
Professional Competence in Nursing Practice
Evaluating Competence
Professional Trends and Issues
Creating a Sustainable Nursing Workforce
Nursing Education
Technological Advances
Population Focus
Redefining Health and Well-being for the Millennial Generation
Baby Boomers: Health and Chronic Illness
Summary of the Scope of Nursing Practice
Contents -Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 3rd Edition
Standards of Professional Nursing Practice
Significance of Standards
Standards of Practice
Standard 1. Assessment
Standard 2. Diagnosis
Standard 3. Outcomes Identification
Standard 4. Planning
Standard 5. Implementation
Standard 5A. Coordination of Care
Standard 5B. Health Teaching and Health Promotion
Standard 6. Evaluation
Standards of Professional Performance
Standard 7. Ethics
Standard 8. Culturally Congruent Practice
Standard 9. Communication
Standard 10. Collaboration
Standard 11. Leadership
Standard 12. Education
Standard 13. Evidence-based Practice and Research
Standard 14. Quality of Practice
Standard 15. Professional Practice Evaluation
Standard 16. Resource Utilization
Standard 17. Environmental Health
Appendix A. Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, Second Edition (2010)
Appendix B. Nursing’s Social Policy Statement: The Essence of the Profession (2010)
Appendix C. ANA Position Statement: Professional Role Competence (2014)
Appendix D. The Development of Essential Nursing Documents and Professional Nursing
Appendix E. List of Selected Nurse Theorists
Appendix F. Culturally Congruent Practice Resources

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