Testbank for Health: The Basics, The MasteringHealth Edition (12th Edition) by Rebecca J. Donatelle

By: Rebecca J. Donatelle
ISBN-10: 134183266
/ ISBN-13: 9780134183268

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Authors: Rebecca J. Donatelle
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Table of content:

Part 1. Finding the Right Balance
1. Assessing Your Health
Focus On: Financial Health
2. Promoting and Preserving Your Psychosocial Health
Focus On: Cultivating Your Spiritual Health
3. Managing Stress and Coping with Life’s Challenges
Focus On: Improving Your Sleep
4. Preventing Violence and Injury
Part 2. Creating Healthy and Caring Relationships
5. Building Healthy Relationships
Focus On: Understanding Your Sexuality
6. Considering Your Reproductive Choices
Part 3. Avoiding Risks from Harmful Habits
7. Recognizing and Avoiding Addiction and Drug Abuse
8. Drinking Alcohol Responsibly and Ending Tobacco Use
Part 4. Building Healthy Lifestyles
9. Eating for a Healthier You
10. Reaching and Maintaining a Healthy Weight
Focus On: Enhancing Your Body Image
11. Improving Your Physical Fitness
Part 5. Preventing and Fighting Disease
12. Reducing Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer
Focus On: Minimizing Your Risk for Diabetes
13. Protecting Against Infectious Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections
Focus On: Reducing Risks and Coping with Chronic Diseases and Conditions
Part 6. Facing Life’s Challenges
14. Preparing for Aging, Death, and Dying
15. Promoting Environmental Health
16. Making Smart Health Care Choices
Focus On: Understanding Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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