Testbank for Genetic Counseling Practice: Advanced Concepts and Skills (1st Edition) by Bonnie S. Leroy

By: Bonnie S. Leroy
ISBN-10: 470183551
/ ISBN-13: 9780470183557

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Authors: Bonnie S. Leroy
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Table of contents:

Contributors vii
preface xi
1 Introduction Bonnie S. LeRoy Patricia McCarthy Veach Dianne M. Bartels 1
Part I Genetic Counseling Dynamics
2 Complicated Shadows: A Critique of Autonomy in Genetic Counseling Robert G. Resta 13
3 Actively Engaging with Patients in Decision Making Andrea Zanko Michelle Fox 31
4 Risk Communication: A Complex Process Shannan DeLany Dixon Yasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein 65
5 Grieving: An Inevitable Journey Elizabeth Gettig 95
6 Facing Patient Anger Bonnie Jeanne Baty 125
7 Resistance And Adherence: Understanding the Patient’s Perspective Jon Weil 155
8 Countertransference: Making The Unconscious Conscious Jon Weil 175
Part II Client Cultural and Individual Characteristics
9 Honoring Diversity: Cultural Competence in Genetic Counseling Linwood J. Lewis 201
10 Genetic Counseling Strategies for Working with Families Deborah L. Eunpu 235
11 Developmentally Based Approaches for Counseling Children and Adolescents Stephanie Austin 253
12 Genetic Counseling for Women with Intellectual Disabilities Brenda Finucane 281
Part III Genetic Counselor Development
13 Genetic Counselors: Caring Mindfully for Ourselves June A. Peters 307
14 Professional Development: Reflective Genetic Counseling Practice Kimberly W. Zahm 353
15 Mobilizing Genetic Counselor Leadership Skills Nancy P. Callanan 381
Index 401

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