Testbank for Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology (7th Edition) by University Bryan Kolb

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    • Publication: 2015
    • Authors: Bryan Kolb , Ian Q. Whishaw
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    Table of contents:

    Part I Background

    1. The Development of Neuropsychology
    2. Research on the Origins of the Human Brain and Behavior
    3. Nervous System Organization
    4. The Structure and Electrical Activity of Neurons
    5. Communication Between Neurons
    6. The Influence of Drugs and Hormones on Behavior
    7. Imaging the Brain’s Activity

    Part II Cortical Organization

    8. Organization of the Sensory Systems
    9. Organization of the Motor System
    10. Principles of Neurocortical Function
    11. Cerebral Asymmetry
    12. Variations in Cerebral Asymmetry

    Part III Cortical Functions

    13. The Occipital Lobes
    14. The Parietal Lobes
    15. The Temporal Lobes
    16. The Frontal Lobes
    17. Cortical Networks and Disconnection Syndromes

    Part IV Higher Functions

    18. Learning and Memory
    19. Language
    20. Emotion and the Social Brain
    21. Spatial Behavior
    22. Attention and Consciousness

    Part V Plasticity and Disorders

    23. Brain Development and Plasticity
    24. Neurodevelopmental Disorders
    25. Plasticity, Recovery, and Rehabilitation of the Adult Brain
    26. Neurological Disorders
    27. Psychiatric and Related Disorders
    28. Neuropsychological Assessment


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