Testbank for Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision (5th Edition) by Janine M. Bernard

By: Janine M. Bernard , Rodney K. Goodyear
ISBN-10: 132835622
/ ISBN-13: 9780132835626

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Authors: Janine M. Bernard , Rodney K. Goodyear
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Table of contents:

PART I Introduction and General Approaches to Supervision 1
CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Clinical Supervision 2
CHAPTER 2 Supervision Models 21
PART II Dimensions of the Supervision Relationship 63
CHAPTER 3 Processes and Issues of the Supervisory Triad and Dyad 64
CHAPTER 4 Supervisee and Supervisor Factors Affecting the
Relationship 86
CHAPTER 5 Multicultural Supervision 107
PART III The Delivery of Clinical Supervision 131
CHAPTER 6 Organizing the Supervision Experience 132
CHAPTER 7 Individual Supervision 153
CHAPTER 8 Group Supervision 180
CHAPTER 9 Live Supervision 200
PART IV Professional Responsibilities of Clinical Supervisors 221
CHAPTER 10 Evaluation 222
CHAPTER 11 Ethical and Legal Foundations for Supervision
Practice 252
PART V Promoting the Specialty of Clinical Supervision Through
Training and Research 281
CHAPTER 12 Teaching and Researching Supervision 282
The Supervisor’s Toolbox 304
References 358
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Subject Index

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