Testbank for Forensic Biology, (2nd Edition) by Richard Li

By: Richard Li
ISBN-10: 1439889708
/ ISBN-13: 9781439889701

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Authors: Richard Li
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Table of contents:

Biological Evidence
Crime Scene Investigation of Biological Evidence
Crime Scene Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Forensic Biology: A Subdiscipline of Forensic Science
Sources of Biological Evidence
Basic Techniques in Forensic Biology
Nucleic Acid Extraction
DNA Quantitation
Amplification by Polymerase Chain Reaction
DNA Electrophoresis
Detection Methods
Serology Concepts
Serology Techniques: Past, Current, and Future
Identification of Biological Evidence
Identification of Blood
Species Identification
Identification of Semen
Identification of Saliva
Identification of Vaginal Secretions and Menstrual Blood
Identification of Urine, Sweat, Fecal Matter, and Vomitus
Individualization of Biological Evidence
Blood Group Typing and Protein Profiling
Variable Number Tandem Repeat Profiling
Autosomal Short Tandem Repeat Profiling
Sex Chromosome Haplotyping and Gender Identification
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Profiling
Mitochondrial DNA Profiling
Forensic Issues
Forensic DNA Databases: Tools for Crime Investigations
Evaluation of the Strength of Forensic DNA Profiling Results
Quality Assurance and Quality Control

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