Testbank for Fishes: An Introduction to Ichthyology (5th Edition) by Peter B. Moyle

By: Peter B. Moyle , Joseph J. Cech Jr.
ISBN-10: 131008471
/ ISBN-13: 9780131008472

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Authors: Peter B. Moyle , Joseph J. Cech Jr.
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Form and Movement.
3. Respiration.
4. Blood and its Circulation.
5. Buoyancy and Thermal Regulation.
6. Hydronuneral Balance.
7. Feeding, Nutrition, Digestion, and Excretion.
8. Growth.
9. Reproduction.
10. Sensory Perception.
11. Behavior and Communication.
12. Systematics, Genetics and Speciation.
13. Evolution.
14. Hagfishes and Lampreys.
15. Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras.
16. Relict Bony Fishes.
17. Bonytongues, Eels and Herrings.
18. Minnows, Characins, and Catfishes.
19. Smelt, Salmon and Pike.
20. Angler Fish, Barracudinas, Cods, and Dragonfishes.
21. Mullets, Silversides, Flying Fish, and Killifish.
22. Opahs, Squirrelfish, Dories, Pipefish, and Sculpins.
23. Perciformes: Snooks to Snakeheads.
24. Flounders, Puffers, and Molas.
25. Zoogeography of Freshwater Fishes.
26. Zoogeography of Marine Fishes.
27. Introduction to Ecology.
28. Temperate Streams.
29. Temperate Lakes and Reservoirs.
30. Tropical Freshwater Lakes and Streams.
31. Estuaries.
32. Coastal Habitats.
33. Tropical Reefs.
34. Epipelagic Zone.
35. Deep Sea Habitats.
36. Polar Regions.
37. Conservation.


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