Testbank for Families in Global and Multicultural Perspective (2nd Edition) by Bron B. Ingoldsby

By: Bron B. Ingoldsby (Editor), Suzanna D. Smith (Editor)
ISBN-10: 761928197
/ ISBN-13: 9780761928195

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Authors: Bron B. Ingoldsby (Editor), Suzanna D. Smith (Editor)
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Table of contents:

Part I. Foundations of Comparative Family Studies
1. Global Families – Suzanna Smith
2. Comparative Family Research Methodology – Gary Lee, Nancy Greenwood
3. The History of the Euro-Western Family – Bron Ingoldsby
Part 1 Exercise: Comparative Family Research Study
Part II. Family Structure
4. Family Origin and Universality – Bron Ingoldsby
5. Patterns of Kinship and Residence – Max Stanton
6. Marital Structure – Bron Ingoldsby
7. Religious Utopias and Family Structure – Bron Ingoldsby
Part 2 Exercise: The Ethnic Genogram
Part III. Family Development
8. Mate Selection and Marriage – Bron Ingoldsby
9. Parenting Practices Worldwide – Judith Myers-Walls, Karen Myers-Bowman, German Posada
10. International Divorce – Patrick McKenry, Sharon Price
11. Diversity in International Aging Families – Richard Miller, William Meredith
Part 3 Exercise: Mate Selection
Part IV. International Family Variation
12. Asian and Latino Immigrant Families – Walter Kawamoto, Rueben Anguiano
13. Families in the Islamic Middle East – Bahira Sherif-Trask
14. Families in sub-Saharan Africa – Stephan Wilson, Lucy Ngige
15. Families in Latin America – Bron Ingoldsby
16. Families in Japan – Colleen Murray, Naoko Kimura
Part 4 Exercise: The Story of Jose and Lana
Part V. Social Inequality in the Contemporary World
17. Native American Families – Tamara Cheshire
18. Women in the Two-Thirds World – Sandra Russo, Suzanna Smith
19. Household Division of Labor in Industrial Societies – Linda Haas
20. Poverty and Family Policy in a Global Context – Mark Rank, Gautam Yadama
Part 5 Exercise: The Arias Family

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