Testbank for Excel Statistics: A Quick Guide (3rd Edition) by Neil J. Salkind

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    • Publication: 2015
    • Authors: Neil J. Salkind
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    Table of content:

    PART I: Using Excel Functions
    1. Computing Averages
    The AVERAGE Function
    The AVERAGE A Function
    The MEDIAN Function
    The MODE.SNGL Function
    The MODE.MULT Function
    GEOMEAN Function
    2. Looking at Variability
    The STDEV.S Function
    The STDEV.P Function
    The VAR.S Function
    The VAR.P Function
    3. Describing Data
    The FREQUENCY Function
    The NORM.DIST Function
    The PERCENTILE.INC Function
    The PERCENTRANK.INC Function
    The QUARTILE.INC Function
    The RANK.AVG Function
    The STANDARDIZE Function
    4. Looking at Relationships
    The COVARIANCE.S Function
    The CORREL Function
    The PEARSON Function
    The INTERCEPT Function
    The SLOPE Function
    The TREND Function
    The FORECAST Function
    The RSQ Function
    5. Testing Independence
    The CHISQ.DIST Function
    The CHISQ.TEST Function
    6. Testing Significance
    The F.DIST Function
    The CONFIDENCE.NORM Function
    The F.TEST Function
    The T.DIST Function
    The T.TEST Function
    The Z.TEST Function
    7. Looking at Data
    The SMALL Function
    The LARGE Function
    The AVERAGEW IF Function
    The COUNT Function
    The COUNTA Function
    The COUNTBLANK Function
    The COUNTIF Function
    PART II: Using the Analysis ToolPak
    8. Describing Data
    Descriptive Statistics
    Moving Average
    Random Number Generation
    Rank and Percentile
    9. Comparing Means
    z-Test: Two-Sample for Means
    t-Test: Paired Two-Sample for Means
    t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Unequal Variances
    t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances
    Anova: Single Factor
    Anova: Two-Factor With Replication
    Anova: Two-Factor Without Replication
    10. Looking at Relationships
    The Correlation Tool
    The Regression Tool
    11. Illustrating Data
    The Histogram Tool


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