Testbank for Ethnic Families in America: Patterns and Variations (5th Edition)

By: Roosevelt H Wright Jr. , Charles H. Mindel , Thanh Van Tran , Robert W. Habenstein
ISBN-10: 130918393
/ ISBN-13: 9780130918390

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Authors: Roosevelt H Wright Jr. , Charles H. Mindel , Thanh Van Tran , Robert W. Habenstein
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Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Diversity Among American Ethnic Minorities
Roosevelt Wright
Charles H. Mindel
Jeanette R. Davidson
Chapter 2: A “Then and Now” Overview of the Immigrant Family in America
Charles A. Mindel
Robert W. Habenstein
Part II: European Ethnic Families

Chapter 3: The Irish-American Family
Patricia J. Fanning
Chapter 4: The Greek-American Family
Anna Karpathakis
Chapter 5: The Italian-American Family
Danielle Battisti
Chapter 6: The Polish-American Family
Mary Patrice Erdmans
Part Three: Hispanic / Latino Ethnic Families
Chapter 7: The Mexican-American Family
Rosina M. Becerra
Chapter 8: The Cuban-American Family
Zulema E. Suárez
Rose M. Perez
Chapter 9: The Puerto Rican-American Family
Lirio K. Negroni
Chapter 10: The Dominican-American Family
Ramona Hernandez
Part IV: Asian American Ethnic Families
Chapter 11: The Korean-American family
Pyong Gap Min
Chigon Kim
Chapter 12: The Vietnamese-American Family
Thanh Van Tran
Phu Tai Phan
Chapter 13: The Chinese-American Family
Morrison G. Wong
Chapter 14: The Japanese-American Family
Arthur Sakamoto
ChangHwan Kim
Isao Takei
Chapter 15: The Filipino-American Family
Carl L. Bankston III
Chapter 16: The Asian Indian-American Family
Uma A. Segal
Part V: Historically Subjugated Ethnic Families
Chapter 17: The African-American Family
Dwain A. Pellebon
Chapter 18: The Native American Indian Family
Robert John
Part VI: Socio-Religious Ethnic Families

Chapter 19: The Jewish-American Family
Charles H. Mindel
Bernard Farber
Bernard Lazerwitz
Chapter 20: The Amish-American Family
Donald B. Kraybill
Gertrude Enders Huntington
Chapter 21: The Mormon-American Family
David C. Dollahite
Chapter 22: The Muslim-American Family
Bahira Sherif Trask

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