Testbank for Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories (5th Edition) by Jay H. Withgott

By: Jay H. Withgott , Matthew Laposata
ISBN-10: 321984579
/ ISBN-13: 9780321984579

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Authors: Jay H. Withgott , Matthew Laposata
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Table of content:

1 Science and Sustainability: An Introduction to Environmental Science
2 Environmental Systems: Matter, Energy, and Ecosystems
3 Evolution, Biodiversity, and Population Ecology
4 Species Interactions and Community Ecology
5 Economics, Policy, and Sustainable Development
6 Human Population
7 Soil, Agriculture, and the Future of Food
8 Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
9 Forests, Forest Management, and Protected Areas
10 Environmental Health and Toxicology
11 Geology, Minerals, and Mining
12 Fresh Water, Oceans, and Coasts
13 Atmospheric Science, Air Quality, and Pollution Control
14 Global Climate Change
15 Nonrenewable Energy Sources, Their Impacts, and Energy Conservation
16 Renewable Energy Alternatives
17 Managing Our Waste
18 The Urban Environment: Creating Sustainable Cities
Epilogue: Sustainable Solutions
Appendix A: Answers to Data Analysis Questions
Appendix B: How to Interpret Graphs
Appendix C: Metric System
Appendix D: Periodic Table of the Elements
Appendix E: Geologic Time Scale

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