Testbank for Earth's Climate. W. H. Freeman. 2007. 3rd ed. (3rd Edition) by William F. Ruddiman

By: William F. Ruddiman
ISBN-10: 1429255250
/ ISBN-13: 9781429255257

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Authors: William F. Ruddiman
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Table of content:

Part I Framework of Climate Science
1. Overview of Climate Science
2. Earths Climate System Today
3. Climate Archives, Data, and Models
Part II Tectonic-Scale Climate Change
4. CO2 and Long-Term Climate
5. Plate Tectonics and Long-Term Climate
6. Greenhouse Climate
7. From Greenhouse to Icehouse: The Last 50 Million YearsPart III Orbital-Scale Climate Change
8. Astronomical Control of Solar Radiation
9. Insolation Control of Monsoons
10. Insolation Control of Ice Sheets
11. Orbital-Scale Changes in Carbon Dioxide and Methane
12. Orbital-Scale Interactions, Feedbacks, and Unsolved Mysteries
Part IV Glacial/Deglacial Climate Change
13. The Last Glacial Maximum
14. Climate During and Since the Last Deglaciation
15. Millennial Oscillations of ClimatePart V Historical and Future Climate Change
16. Humans and Preindustrial Climate
17. Climate Changes During the Last 1,000 Years
18. Climatic Changes Since 1850
19. Causes of Warming over the Last 125 Years
20. Future Climatic Change
Appendix 1: Isotopes of Oxygen
Appendix 2: Isotopes of Carbon

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