Testbank for Discovering Psychology (7th Edition) by Sandra E. Hockenbury

By: Sandra E. Hockenbury, Susan A. Nolan, Don H. Hockenbury
ISBN-10: 1464176949
/ ISBN-13: 9781464176944

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Format: Downloadable ZIP Fille
Authors: Sandra E. Hockenbury, Susan A. Nolan, Don H. Hockenbury
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Table of contents:

To the Student: Learning from Discovering Psychology
Introducing Psychology
1. Introduction and Research Methods
Psychobiological Processes
2. Neuroscience and Behavior
3. Sensation and Perception
4. Consciousness and Its Variations
Basic Psychological Processes
5. Learning
6. Memory
7. Thinking, Language, and Intelligence
8. Motivation and Emotion
The Development of The Self
9. Lifespan Development
10. Personality
The Person in Social Context
11. Social Psychology
Psychological Problems, Disorders, and Treatment
12. Stress, Health, and Coping
13. Psychological Disorders
14. Therapies
Statistics: Understanding Data
Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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