Testbank for Discovering Behavioral Neuroscience: An Introduction to Biological Psychology (3rd Edition)

By: Laura Freberg
ISBN-10: 1305088700
/ ISBN-13: 9781305088702

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Authors: Laura Freberg
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Table of contents:

1. What Is Behavioral Neuroscience?
2. Functional Neuroanatomy and the Evolution of the Nervous System.
3. Neurophysiology: The Structure and Functions of the Cells of the Nervous System.
4. Psychopharmacology.
5. Genetics and the Development of the Human Brain.
6. Vision.
7. Nonvisual Sensation and Perception.
8. Movement.
9. Homeostasis, Motivation, and Reward.
10. Sexual Behavior.
11. Sleep and Waking.
12. Learning and Memory.
13. Cognition.
14. Emotion, Aggression, and Stress.
15. Neuropsychology.
16. Psychopathology.

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