Testbank for Dimensions of Human Behavior: Person and Environment (5th Edition) by Elizabeth D. Hutchison

By: Elizabeth D. Hutchison
ISBN-10: 1483303918
/ ISBN-13: 9781483303918

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Authors: Elizabeth D. Hutchison
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Table of contents:

Case Studies
Part I: A Multidimensional Approach for Multifaceted Social Work
Chapter 1. Human Behavior: A Multidimensional Approach
Human Behavior: Individual and Collective
A Multidimensional Approach
Diversity, Inequality, and the Pursuit of Social Justice: A Global Perspective
Knowing and Doing
Scientific Knowledge: Theory and Research
A Word of Caution
Chapter 2. Theoretical Perspectives on Human Behavior
Multiple Perspectives for a Multidimensional Approach
Systems Perspective
Conflict Perspective
Exchange and Choice Perspective
Social Constructionist Perspective
Psychodynamic Perspective
Developmental Perspective
Social Behavioral Perspective
Humanistic Perspective
The Merits of Multiple Perspectives
Part II: The Multiple Dimensions of Person
Chapter 3: The Biological Person
An Integrative Approach for Understanding the Intersection of Interior (Proximal) Biological Health and Illness and Exterior (Distal) Environmental Factors
A Look at Six Interior (Proximal) Environment Systems
Exterior (Distal) Socioeconomic Environment and Interior (Proximal) Health Environment
Chapter 4: The Psychological Person: Cognition, Emotion, and Self
Cognition and Emotion
Theories of Cognition
Theories of Emotion
Cognitive/Emotional “Disorders”
The Self
Chapter 5: The Psychosocial Person: Relationships, Stress, and Coping
The Self in Relationships
The Concept of Stress
Coping and Adaptation
Normal and Abnormal Coping
Chapter 6: The Spiritual Person
The Spiritual Dimension
Transpersonal Theories of Human Development
The Role of Spirituality in Social Work
Part III. The Multiple Dimensions of Environment
Chapter 7: The Physical Environment
Human Behavior and the Physical Environment
The Natural Environment
The Built Environment
Place Attachment
Accessible Environments for Persons With Disabilities
Chapter 8: Culture
The Challenge of Defining Culture
Traditional Understandings of Culture and Variation in Human Behavior
Contemporary/Postmodern Understandings of Culture and Variation in Human Behavior
A Postmodern, Holistic Application of Culture
The Meaning of Culture
Chapter 9: Social Structure and Social Institutions: Global and National
Patterns of Social Life
Contemporary Trends in Global and U.S. Social Institutions
Theories of Social Inequality
Chapter 10: Families
Family Defined
The Family in Historical Perspective
Theoretical Perspectives for Understanding Families
Diversity in Family Life
Challenges to Family Life
Chapter 11: Small Groups
Small Groups in Social Work
Dimensions of Group Structure
Group Composition
Basic Group Processes
Interdisciplinary Teams and Leadership
Chapter 12: Formal Organizations
A Definition of Formal Organizations
Perspectives on Formal Organizations
Burnout: A Negative Organizational Outcome
Social Work and Formal Organizations
Social Work Leadership in Formal Organizations
Culturally Sensitive Care Systems
Chapter 13: Communities
A Definition of Community
Territorial Community and Relational Community
Social Workers and Communities: Our History
Theoretical Approaches to Community
Social Workers and Communities: Contemporary Issues
Chapter 14: Social Movements
A Definition of Social Movements
Social Movements and the History of Social Work
Perspectives on Social Movements
Social Movement Outcomes
Social Movement Trends
Social Movements and Contemporary Social Work
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