Testbank for Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health (3rd Edition) by Carole A. Palmer

By: Carole Palmer , Linda D. Boyd
ISBN-10: 134296729
/ ISBN-13: 9780134296722

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Authors: Carole Palmer , Linda D. Boyd
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Table of content:

PART 1: Nutrition in Today’s World
1. Understanding Nutrition as the Foundation for General and Oral Health in the 21st Century – Carole A. Palmer
2. What Is an Adequate Diet? – Carole A. Palmer
3. Energy Balance and Weight Control – Linda D. Boyd
PART 2: The Nutrients
4. Carbohydrates – Linda D. Boyd
5. Protein for Systemic and Oral Health: Meeting Needs in a Multicultural World – Carole A. Palmer
6. Lipids in Health and Disease – Linda D. Boyd
7. The Minerals and Mineralization – Carole A. Palmer and Linda D. Boyd
8. Fluids and Electrolytes – Carole A. Palmer
9. Vitamins Today – Carole A. Palmer
10. Dietary Supplements – Carole A. Palmer
PART 3: Nutrition in Oral Health
11. Nutrition in the Growth and Development of Oral Structures – Linda D. Boyd
12. Diet, Nutrition, and Teeth – Linda D. Boyd
13. Nutrition and the Periodontium – Linda D. Boyd
PART 4: Nutrition for Oral Health Promotion through the Life Cycle
14. Nutrition for Pregnancy, Lactation, Infancy, and Toddlers – Carole A. Palmer
15. Nutrition for Children and Adolescents – Carole A. Palmer, Jennifer Hall, Lauren Fialkoff, and Lauren Miller
16. The Adult and Older Dental Patient – Carole A. Palmer
17. Nutritional Concerns for the Dentally Compromised Patient – Linda D. Boyd
18. Oral and Nutritional Concerns for Individuals with Special Medical and Health Care Needs – Linda D. Boyd
PART 5: Applied Nutrition in Clinical Practice
19. Effective Communication in Dental Practice – Carole A. Palmer, Linda D. Boyd, and Brittany L. Loriquet
20. Principles of Diet Screening, Risk Assessment, and Guidance – Linda D. Boyd

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