Testbank for Criminal Procedure: From First Contact to Appeal (5th Edition) by John L. Worrall

By: John L. Worrall
ISBN-10: 133494950
/ ISBN-13: 9780133494952

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Authors: John L. Worrall
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Table of content:

PART 1 Introduction
Chapter 1 Introduction to Criminal Procedure
Chapter 2 Remedies

PART 2 Search and Seizure
Chapter 3 Introduction to Search and Seizure
Chapter 4 Searches and Arrests with Warrants
Chapter 5 Searches and Arrests without Warrants
Chapter 6 Actions Based on Reasonable Suspicion
Chapter 7 Actions Based on Administrative Justification and Consent

PART 3 Interrogations, Confessions and Identification Procedures
Chapter 8 Interrogations and Confessions
Chapter 9 Identification Procedures and the Roles of Witnesses

Part 4 The Beginnings of Formal Proceedings
Chapter 10 The Pretrial Process
Chapter 11 Prosecutors, Grand Juries and Defense Attorneys
Chapter 12 Plea Bargaining and Guilty Pleas

Part 5 Trial, Conviction, and Beyond
Chapter 13 Rights at Trial
Chapter 14 More Rights at Trial
Chapter 15 Sentencing, Appeals, and Habeas Corpus


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