Testbank for Corrections: An Introduction (5th Edition) by Richard P. Seiter

By: Richard P. Seiter
ISBN-10: 134164113
/ ISBN-13: 9780134164113

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Authors: Richard P. Seiter
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Table of content:

Part I Putting Corrections in Perspective
Chapter 1 The History of Crime and Corrections 1
Chapter 2 Sentencing and the Correctional Process 30
Part II Correctional Policy and Operations
Chapter 3 Jails 61
Chapter 4 Probation and Intermediate Sanctions 88
Chapter 5 Prison Systems 120
Chapter 6 Parole and Prisoner Reentry 148
Part III Correctional Clients
Chapter 7 The Clients of Adult Correctional Agencies 186
Chapter 8 The Juvenile Correctional System 214
Chapter 9 Special Offenders 243
Part IV Prison Life
Chapter 10 The Management of Prisons 276
Chapter 11 Prison Life for Inmates 310
Chapter 12 The World of Prison Staff 338
Chapter 13 Custody within a Prison 366
Chapter 14 Treatment and Programs within a Prison 391
Part V Issues in Corrections
Chapter 15 Legal Issues and the Death Penalty 414
Chapter 16 Current and Future Issues in Corrections 448
Endnotes 481
Glossary 509
Index 519

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