Testbank for Controversies in Contemporary Advertising (2nd Edition) by by Kim Bartel Sheehan

By: Kim Sheehan
ISBN-10: 1452261075
/ ISBN-13: 9781452261072

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Authors: Kim Sheehan
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Table of content:

1. Advertising, Its Supporters, and Its Critics
2. Living in a Consumer Culture
3. Advertising and the Media: Changes and Challenges
4. How Advertising is Regulated: Industry
5. Beyond Subliminal
6. Advertising Choices: Influences of Stereotypes and Taste
7. Gender and Advertising: How Gender Shapes Meaning
8. Advertising and Race: Examining the Melting Pot
9. Advertising and Age, Sexual Orientation, and Ability: Marginalized or Mainstream?
10. Children and Advertising: Emerging Consumers, Problematic Strategies
11. Advertising Controversial Products: Bans and Beliefs
12. Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising: Industries in Flux
13. Advertising Prescription Drugs: Healthy Tactics or Risky Propositions
14. Political Advertising: Do “We the People” Still Matter?
15. Socially Responsible Advertising: Does a Brand Have a Conscience?
16. Online Advertising: The Ever-Evolving Landscape
17. Advertising: Being Ethical Advertisers in a Challenging Age

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