Testbank for Contemporary Engineering Economics (6th Edition) by Chan S. Park

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    • Publication: 2015
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    Table of content:

    Part 1: Basics of Financial Decisions
    Chapter 1: Engineering Economic Decisions
    Chapter 2: Accounting and Financial Decision Making
    Chapter 3: Interest Rate and Economic Equivalence
    Chapter 4: Understanding Money and Its Management
    Part 2: Evaluation of Business and Engineering Assets
    Chapter 5: Present-Worth Analysis
    Chapter 6: Annual Equivalent-Worth Analysis
    Chapter 7: Rate-of-Return Analysis
    Part 3: Analysis of Project Cash Flows
    Chapter 8: Cost Concepts Relevant to Decision Making
    Chapter 9: Depreciation and Corporate Taxes
    Chapter 10: Developing Project Cash Flows
    Part 4: Handling Risk and Uncertainty
    Chapter 11: Inflation and Its Impact on Project Cash
    Chapter 12: Project Risk and Uncertainty
    Chapter 13: Real-Options Analysis
    Part 5: Special Topics in Engineering Economics
    Chapter 14: Replacement Decisions
    Chapter 15: Capital-Budgeting Decisions
    Chapter 16: Economic Analysis in the Service Sector
    Appendix A: Fundamentals of Engineering Review Questions
    Appendix B: Interest Factors for Discrete Compounding
    Appendix C: Values of the Standard Normal Distribution Function


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